On Writing

This is an informal chatter about non interconnected ideas.

During this time that I’ve been absent, I had multiple experiences. Many things that I could’ve shared in this blog. However, all of them ended once I finished them, and I stopped thinking about them immediately. Hackathons/ideas/events/projects.. etc.

To be able to write your reflections about something, and derive your conclusions, you shall give it the time it deserves. Moving from an experience to another, without putting the time to think and derive lessons will make you as educated as you were before the experience.

Ideas and experiences need to ferment (تتخمر) just like anything else before it’s learned, and then released after.

I worked on multiple projects, tried different things, went to festivals, picnics, rides, and more. Yet couldn’t write about any of the lessons I learned because they were following each other. I’m not saying you have to write about anything you experience, but you need to write more to get better at writing.

One more thing, whenever starting a draft, write your objectives somewhere on the side because when you come back to it you’ll probably forget what you were writing for. I learned this the hard way.

– Omar