Be Intentional

We get used to things that we take it for granted. This makes us forget that those things don’t happen on their own and that people had intention and did an action or a series of actions to make those things happen.

If you keep reminding yourself that those things don’t happen without an intention. You will know you need to be intentional when you do the things you do.

Being intentional can be in different ways:

  1. Being responsive to what you feel and rationalize why you feel this way.
  2. Asking why yourself why you do anything before you do it.

And will benefit you in other ways:

  1. Allah rewards you for your good intentions (تؤجر على النية الصالحة).
  2. Being more ready to hop onto new ideas and to keep pushing on your current ones because you know things take effort to happen.
  3. Satisfaction because you know why you do the things you do, that it also could go right or wrong and you have a reason to argue with (even if the reason isn’t valid, it is better than not having a reason).
  4. Taking control, credit and responsibility of your time (and life ultimately) and for the things that matter to you.

– Omar